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I'm a multi-faceted individual who is not only capable of creating complex software, but can also write a wide variety of technical documentation.   I presently reside in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada.   As a software developer I have over 20 years of experience programming in numerous languages.   I have recently completed development of the world's first fully functional fractional math library.   The Jason Andrade Math Libraries facilitate the elimination of rounding errors, and will save large corporations millions of dollars every year.   The math libraries were required for the fractional co-ordinate system needed to implement the Jason Andrade Flux Layout Engine (JAFLE).

I have a Bachelor Of Applied Science degree in Computer Science from Ryerson University.   This university degree not only encompassed multiple facets of software development, but also a detailed understanding of how computer hardware and electronics function; as well as fundamentals of physics and mathematics.   Of course learning how to write technical documentation was included as well.

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