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JAFLE: Jason Andrade Flux Layout Engine

JAFLE is simply the most advanced 2D layout engine available for the iOS platform.   Why 2D instead of yet another 3D engine?   Because rendering graphics in 3D requires a lot more processing power and memory.   Up till now, 3D rendering engines have been used in the creation of apps which are really only 2D.   This strategy makes sense on the PC where heat and power constraints are virtually non-existant.   However, on mobile devices this way of doing things results in 2D apps, like Candy Crush, unnecessarily draining the battery life of the phone!   Unlike Unity3D or OpenGL, JAFLE natively renders 2D graphics in real time using a POSIX multi-threaded architecture.   JAFLE can of course natively draw ellipticals (rounded corners), something Apple's Core Graphics library can't do!   This eliminates the necessity of loading and scaling an ever-increasing number of images as apps become more complex.   Simply put, JAFLE makes apps smaller, load faster, and consume way less power!   A 100KB app built with JAFLE is much easier for interested customers to download on the go.   Keep reading to learn more about the revolutionary new JAFLE layout engine.

JAFLE incorporates a new 40-bit RGBAB graphics rendering engine.   The additional 8-bit beta channel keeps track of partial pixel occlusion.   This is what allows JAFLE to seemlessly integrate ellipticals with polygons when they are rendered on the screen.

Everyone's experienced apps that rotate from portrait to landscape and back again.   The JAFLE advantage is its ability to change your device's orientantion mid-rotation, and have the display respond instantly with a fluidity of motion other layout engines just can't match!   This is made possible by JAFLE's POSIX multi-threaded architecture.

POSIX multi-threading is what also allows JAFLE to animate multiple objects on the screen concurrently.   So for example, an app built with any other engine could display a spinning globe.   But, since none of these other engines is multi-threaded, the globe would have to stop spinning if a menu were animated by sliding out.   JAFLE can spin that globe, animate the sliding menu, and do countless other things concurrently without so much as a hiccup!

Apple encourages developers to compile for the latest version of iOS because it helps to drive their customers into buying the lastest models of iDevices.   This strategy however isn't in the best interest of users, developers, or other companies!   There are in fact tons of older iDevices used by people everyday.   An app built with JAFLE is able to leverage this expansive customer base because it can be compiled for iOS 4.2 without losing any functionality!

Apps built with JAFLE aren't just forward compatible with future iDevices; they will flawlessly render on these yet to be built iDevices, without pixelation or bluriness!   This is possible because JAFLE has real-time graphics rendering.   No more loading a plethora of images and then scaling them!

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